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Siding, Overhangs & Gutters

At Larson Builders, we pride ourselves in not only beautifying your home, but also protecting it.  While doing a project; we think of the full integrity of the walls.  From the structure and insulation, to the waterproofing, we can many insulating options and full waterproof flashing systens to keep your home protected. Often, these are things over looked by other builders, which can be costly in the long run.

Melissa’s House Before

Melissa’s House After

This house was a complete renovation . We added new energy efficient windows, an air conditioning, new siding, foam sheathing, 3 season porch interior and a cedar arbor with rails. Our attention to details made this the best looking house on the block. It was so well liked that the next project on this page is an actual neighbor, just down the street.

Melissa 3

Melissa 4

Problems like this one can be avoided by choosing the correct builder. We take extra care around utilities, windows, doors, and where walls & roofs meet. All this to make sure that water and air doesn’t infiltrate the walls. Remember, water can ruin the wall, but air can ruin your utility bill. Air infiltrating through the wall will cause your air conditioner or heater to run more often; wasting energy and your money.

Mushroom Walls

Mushroom Walls

Here are some other projects we have done...

Here are some other projects we have done...

Lindquist Before

Lindquist During

Lindquist After

This is a neighbor of the featured project. They liked the outcome of the other house so much that they had to update theirs, too.  Here you can see before, during, and after photos.  The middle picture shows how far Larson Builders goes to insure your house holds out as much air and water as possible.  You’ll notice the foam insulation we use, the seams of the foam sheets are taped to keep water & air out.  Next you’ll see black rubber tape around the outlet box, door & windows.  This is meant to protect your house.   One upgrade you may not notice right away is the aluminum cladding around the windows.  We used recycled woord and custom bent aluminum wraps so there is no need to ever paint around those old wood windows again, and they didn’t need to replace those windows.  This customer had a custom design in mind for a front overhang and we made that dream come true, too! 

Here is a repair done to a building.  This siding was ripped off during a strong wind storm.  After Larson Builders came you could never tell there was ever any damage.

Siding Repairs Before

Siding Repairs After

MiraTec Trim and Fiber Cement Siding mimics the look of wood, and there are a variety of styles available. Fiber Cement Siding is also Eco Friendly, with up to 30% of recycled content. We also did the soffits on this building, as you can see we paid special attention to the details, right down to the custom herringbone soffit ceilings.

Fiber Cement 1

Fiber Cement 2

Fiber Cement 3

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